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WOW your customers with Pharmacy's first-ever dose alert system that truly fits your customers' lifestyles.

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Solution Center subscribers who are first to offer free dose alerts to their community are getting free publicity because of it.

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Help your patients remember when to take their medication by offering My Dose Alert before the chains get to it.

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It's time to be the first. Yes, you've heard of refill reminder systems. But what you haven't heard of (because it's not yet available to pharmacy) is a dose alert system. Be one of the FIRST pharmacies in the world to offer automatic dose alert reminders to your customers. Medication, time of day, mode of communication...all customized.

Something for everyone. Choose to receive your reminders by phone call, text message, or email--your choice! You can even sign up to receive monthly informative e-newsletters related to the medications you take.

How it works. You or your staff asks your customers when they come in to pick up their scripts whether they (or a forgetful loved one) have difficulty remembering to take the right medication at the right time. You explain that they can choose to be notified by phone call, text message, or email. If they want, they can even receive monthly e-newsletters relating to their medication/ disease state.

How much does it cost? A low monthly fee for you, so you can provide the service to your customers for free. More here »